Since the early 1990s, the Village Club has proudly supported a Charity of the Year which is now a permanent part of Club tradition.

In December and early January members nominate their favourite charities for consideration by the Committee to be the chosen charity.  At January’s Committee meeting a decision is taken by vote to select the Charity of the Year.

It is stipulated that it must be a registered charity, preferably local, but on some occasions a national charity has been selected if it is recognised that it affects local residents.

Over the years, recipients have included St Christopher’s Hospice, Selsdon Centre for the Retired, Selsdon Contact, St John’s Community Hall Project, Frylands Scout Camp, Redgates School and Rutherford School to name but a few. Our current charity is Alzheimer's Society.

In March we hold a Charity Presentation evening when we present to the previous year’s charity the proceeds raised for them and introduce to the members the charity for the forthcoming year. The new charity usually send representatives to give a presentation about their organisation.

Funds are raised by members throughout the year  and in September the Club holds a specific Charity Weekend during which many fundraising events take place, the main event being the Charity Raffle.  The majority of the prizes are donated by members but thanks go to many local traders who also very kindly donate prizes.  The weekend also includes items such as Guess the Weight of the Cake, Guess the Name of the Bear, darts competitions, golf putting competitions, tombola, Wii ten-pin bowling, a barbecue and many other activities.

It must be said that none of this could actually happen without the very great generosity of Village Club members.

Long may it continue.