Rule 1

The Club shall be called ‘The Village Club’ with headquarters at 151 Addington Road, Selsdon; the Club is a Members’ Club.

Rule 2

There shall be four trustees of the Club who shall be ex-officio members of the Committee. The trustees shall be appointed by the Committee and the freehold property of the Club (other than cash, which shall be under the control of the Treasurer) shall be vested in them to be dealt with by them as the Committee shall from time to time direct by resolution (of which an entry in the Minute Book shall be conclusive evidence).

The Trustees shall be indemnified against risk and expense out of the Club property. The Trustees shall hold office until death or resignation or until removed from office by a resolution of the Committee who may for any reason, which may seem sufficient to a majority of them present and voting at any meeting, remove any trustee or trustees from the office of trustee. If by reason of any such death, resignation or removal it shall appear necessary to the Committee that a new trustee or additional trustees shall be appointed, or if the Committee shall deem it expedient to appoint an additional trustee or additional trustees, the Committee shall by resolution nominate the person or persons to be appointed as the new trustee or trustees.

Rule 3

The object of the Club is to provide for the use of its members a social environment where they can meet friends and entertain guests whilst enjoying the amenities available.

Rule 4

All subscriptions and other payments by members become the property of the members, who shall solely be responsible for mall things necessary for carrying on the Club and shall have entire control of matters of finance in connection with the Club.

Rule 5

Applicants shall be elected for membership by the Committee. Every applicant must be proposed by one member and seconded by another. Both members are responsible for the applicant’s suitability to join the Club; applicants must be at least 18 years old.

The Club’s application form must be completed in full and submitted to the Secretary who will issue an applicant’s card. Regular attendance by the applicant will be monitored and when deemed eligible they will be invited before the Committee and admitted as a member of the Club. Any objection by a member to an applicant must be made in writing to the Secretary. The decision of the Committee is final.

A new member will only be allowed to enjoy the facilities of the Club once the required entrance fee and subscription have been paid. Once the Committee has refused membership to an applicant they shall be thereafter ineligible for membership.

Rule 6

The entrance fee for members shall be £20 and annual subscriptions will be £25. All subscriptions shall be due on 1st January each year and must be paid by 14th January. Failure to pay the Annual Subscription by the 14th January will result in a £5.00 penalty/surcharge per member. Failure to renew your membership by 31st January, will result in your membership being terminated. If your membership has been terminated you will need to re-apply if you wish to be a member. No member will be eligible to enter the Club if the period of membership has expired but the Secretary may, at his/her discretion, grant a period of grace not exceeding 14 days or such further periods as may be authorised by the Committee provided that the member has given a satisfactory explanation.

Rule 7

At the discretion of the Committee any member who has completed thirty years of uninterrupted paid membership may be converted into an Honorary Life Member. A similar honour may be accorded to Committee members who have, for a period of twenty years, given outstanding service to the Club.

Rule 8

Members of organised teams, with the sanction of the Committee, shall be admitted to the Club on specific occasions (Monday to Friday inclusive) and be made members for these occasions only, provided that at least 48 hours notice is given to the Secretary, with the exception of holders of an applicant’s card.  

Rule 9

Visitors: Every member of the Club shall be entitled to introduce guests at all times. A charge will be made for guests and the names of all guests must be entered in a book provided for that purpose. On special occasions, at the discretion of the Committee, the number of guests may be limited. The Management of the Club reserves the right to refuse admission without giving any reason for such refusal. Visitors shall be permitted to use the Club facilities; visitors must leave the Club at the same time as their hosts unless countersigned by another member.

Rule 10

General Committee: The Club shall be governed by a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and a Committee of seven members of whom five shall form a quorum and all of whom shall be elected annually. No member shall be eligible to serve on the Committee until he/she has completed at least one year’s membership not to serve as Chairman, Secretary or Treasurer until he/she as completed at least two years; membership.

The Committee shall have the power to co-opt in a purely advisory capacity not more than two members for any specific purpose. Any casual vacancy may be filled prior to the Annual Meeting, preference being to candidates at the previous Annual General Meeting. The Committee shall be appointed by members of the Club and shall manage the Club until the next Annual General Meeting.

On entering the Club at the AGM the member shall be handed his/her voting paper by the tellers appointed for the meeting. After voting, the tellers shall collect the voting papers and retire from the room to count the votes.

The Committee shall meet at least one a month. Goods can only be ordered with the authority of the Committee or a sub-Committee appointed by them.

Rule 11

Suggestions and Complaints: The Committee shall have the power to make byelaws and regulations, not being alterations of these Rules, for the good order and conduct of the Club. Any complaints or suggestions must be handed to the Secretary in writing; complaints shall only be made to the Secretary and the conduct of any member shall not be the subject of a personal reprimand. In all such matters the decision of the Committee shall be deemed final.

Rule 12

Dress Code: No dirty or soiled clothing to be worn in the Club at any time; no hats/singlets to be worn in the Club at any time.

Tops, (shirts, blouses, tee shirts, etc) to be worn at all times on Club premises.

Members may wear shorts but they must be of smart appearance, a plain colour and at least knee-length; culottes and three-quarter length trousers are also permitted.

Rule 13

Cessation, Suspension and Expulsion: In the event of any breach by a member of any of the Club rules or of conduct on the part of a member rendering it, in the opinion of the Committee, desirable that he/she shall cease to be a member, he/she may be cautioned, refused admission, suspended, required to resign or expelled without any explanation being given by the Committee and thereupon shall cease to be a member of the Club. Any member expelled, suspended or otherwise dealt with by the Committee in accordance with these rules, or otherwise ceasing to be a member of the Club, shall have no right of appeal and shall forfeit all rights to, or claim upon the Club or its property or funds and his or her subscription shall be forfeited.

Rule 14

The Club shall be open and the permitted hours for the supply of intoxicants in the Club shall be:

            Monday to Thursday           2pm – 11pm

            Friday                                     2pm – 12 midnight

            Saturday                                12 noon – 12 midnight

            Sunday                                  12 noon – 10.30pm

            Christmas Eve                      12 noon – 12.30am

            Christmas Day                      12 noon – 2pm

            Boxing Day                           12 noon – 6pm

            New Year’s Eve                    12 noon – 12.30am

            New Year’s Day                   12 noon – 11pm

            Bank Holiday Monday         12 noon – 11pm

            Good Friday                          12 noon – 12 midnight

The hours and conditions of the supply of intoxicating liquors shall be in pursuance of the Licensing Act 1961 (annulled or amended by subsequent and forthcoming statutes).

The Committee shall have the power to:

  1. vary the hours that the Club premises be open.
  1. vary the hours during which intoxicating liquors may be served (within the limits of the Licensing Act 1961, annulled or amended by subsequent statutes).
  1. apply to the appropriate authority for n extension of the permitted hours on such special occasions as they shall deem fir and proper.

Rule 15

General Meeting: a General Meeting off Club members will be held every year in April; the date and time together with the agenda must be posted in the Club at least 21 days before such a meeting, which shall be deemed sufficient notice to the members in lieu of posting. All names for officers and management committee must be received fourteen days before such a meeting. The balance sheet must be displayed on the notice-board not less than seven days before the meeting.

An emergency general meeting may be held at any time on notice being given as provided in this rule. A general meeting may be called at any time by the members provided notice signifying such intention, and signed by at least 25 members, is handed to the Secretary at least fourteen days before the date of the meeting. The decision of any general or extraordinary general meeting called pursuant to these rules and regulations shall be binding upon all members of the Club whether present or absent.

Rule 16

Additions and alterations to these rules can only be made at a general meeting of Club members, notice of which must be given to the Secretary in writing and posted to the notice-board at least 21 days before such general meeting. No alteration or addition to these rules shall be made except by a resolution carried by a majority of at least two-thirds of the members present at a general meeting. Notice of proposed alteration or addition shall have been handed to the Secretary in writing and posted on the notice-board at least 21 days before such meeting. Fourteen days notice shall be required for any amendment to any proposition to change or add to the rules. Upon receipt of any such notice, the Secretary to place same on the notice-board as soon as possible.  

Rule 17

Children under the age of 16 years are not permitted in any part of the Club available to members during open hours as defined in Rule 14. The exception being children under the age of 16 are permitted in the Club up to 7p.m. when and only if participating in funeral receptions; at the Officers’ discretion, this leaving time may be adjusted by prior arrangement.

Rule 18

Dogs are not permitted in any part f the Club available to members with the exception of guide/hearing dogs.  

Rule 19

Members who take up permanent residence abroad shall have their membership lapsed at the end of the year in which permanent residence takes place.

Rule 20

The opening of any fruit or gaming machine on Club premises shall be effected  only by an officer or member of the management committee but not unless assisted by another officer or committee member or a responsible Club member.

Rule 21

It is not permitted for a Club member holding a paid position as an employee of the Club to become a Committee Member.  

Rule 22

If the Management Committee decide at any time that it is necessary to dissolve the Club, it shall call a Special General Meeting and present a resolution to that effect. The Club may then be dissolved by that resolution passed by a majority of the members present when the vote is taken. As soon as the resolution takes effect the Management Committee must pay or otherwise settle all debts and other liabilities of the Club and divide the remaining Club property among the members equally. For these purposes the Management Committee may decide on the sale or other realisation of Club property as it thinks fit.


June 2013 Reprint (as amended/updated on 24th November 2021)