To become a member of The Village Club an application form has to be completed which may be obtained either from the Club bar or by clicking on the following link to print your own.

Membership Application Form (Word) or Membership Application Form (PDF)

All applicants must be proposed and seconded by a current Club member.

On completion of your application form and payment of £5 deposit (which is deducted from your subscriptions on becoming a member), you will receive an Applicant’s Card accompanied by an explanatory letter.  This card must be used and shown on all visits to the Club and you must also complete the blue Applicants’ book found on the bar on every visit as it is through this book that your attendance will be monitored and will determine when or if you will be offered membership of The Village Club.  There is a £2 entry charge whilst you are an Applicant Member.

When attending the Club as an Applicant Member, you will be unable to sign in any guests or unless a Member is able to do so.

There is a one-off joining fee of £20,  the annual subscriptions are £15 and are due between 1st and 14th January each year.  If you are a male over 65 or a female over 60, the annual subscriptions are only £7.50.

If you are offered membership halfway through the year, the annual subscriptions are charged pro rata, remembering your £5 deposit is also deducted.

If offered membership, you will be invited to the Club to meet the Chairman and other available Committee members on a particular evening to be welcomed formally as a member and receive your Village Club Rule Book and door access swipecard.

Once a member, you will no longer need to sign the Applicants’ book and may sign in your own guests.

If you have any queries or questions about membership procedure, please do not hesitate to contact the Secretary either by telephone or email.